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Composer: George Frideric Handel. Libretto: Paolo Antonio Rolli Catalogue number: 817602 Release date: 2007-02-01



Floridante - Marijana Mijanovic

Elmira -  Joyce DiDonato

Timante - Roberta Invernizzi

Rossane  - Saron Rostorf-Zamir

Oronte - Vito Priante

Coralbo  - Riccardo Novaro


ll Complesso Barocco

Conductor Alan Curtis 


Handel – Floridante  


George Frideric Handel (1685 – 14 April 1759)

Libretto : Paolo Antonio Rolli


Label: Archiv Produktion released 2007

Catalogue Number: 817602

3 - CDs


“Fabulous arias and duets tumble out of the tale of lust and violence. In Alan Curtis’s reconstruction of the original score, Joyce DiDonato and Roberta Invernizzi share the top vocal honours . . . Virile playing from Il Complesso Barocco.” (The Times, March 2007)


 “It crackles with dramatic energy from the opening bars of the overture onwards. In the political and sexual power-plays so typical of Handel's operas of the 1720s, the mezzo Marijana Mijanovic takes the title role of the Prince of Thrace, with Joyce DiDonato as his lover Elmira and Vito Priante as Oronte, the rival for Elmira's hand, all of them on top form.”(The Guardian,  March 2007)


 “The story is a lively one . . . and Curtis’s conducting . . . is suitably exciting . . . Joyce DiDonato is excellent as the love interest Elmira, Baritone Vito Priante is wonderfully blustery as the incestuous king, and Sharon Rostorf Zamir is fresh-voiced as the flighty Rossanne.” (Metro, March 2007)


“The two men also make a good impression. Priante well conveys Oronte's malevolence and sings in rich tone, unfazed by the range of the role.” (International Record Review, April 2007)


“... the cast is remarkably excellent: Joyce DiDonato's silvery singing is beautiful, stylish, dramatically astute yet unforced; her first contributions are matched by comparable quality from the light-voiced Sharon Rostorf-Zamir; Vito Priante smoulders with menacing villainy as Oronte; Roberta Invernizzi navigates the role of the disguised hero Timante with style and charm, and combines to wonderful effect with Rostorf-Zamir in the spellbinding duet "Fuor di periglio". Curtis certainly reveals that "Floridante" is a compelling and richly rewarding opera, and Handelians should not hesitate to add this to their collection.” (Gramophone, May 2007)


 “Joyce DiDonato, although a mezzo, has not the slightest perceptible difficulty with the music conceived for Durastanti and contributes a sterling performance to be numbered among her many recent successes. ... Marijana Mijanovic's rich contralto serves handsomely in the Senesino role . . . Sharon Rostorf-Zamir and Roberta Invernizzi sing it with unfailing grace, not least in a captivating duet with soothing horns in the accompaniment. Vito Priante invests the lecherous Oronte with resonant bass tones incisively deployed, and Riccardo Novaro does well as the satrap Coralbo . . . Curtis . . . deserves as one of our finest conductors of Baroque opera.” (Opera magazine, June 2007)


 “. . Vito Priante is not afraid to show Oronte's lecherous and monstrous nature, and he brings authoritative and dramatic singing to the otherwise treble-dominated cast..” (Opera News, December 2007)